Nov 142012
Citizens In All 50 States Want To Secede From The Union

Barely a week past the election and the supreme ruler’s “We the People” online petition system is being hammered with requests for secession. More than 660,000 digital signatures appear on 69 separate secession petitions covering all 50 states, according to a Daily Caller analysis. As of this writing, Texas has 93,828 signatures. Of course, the citizens can’t initiate secession with petitions to the federal government. …READ MORE

Dealing With The Post-Election Blues

 Posted by on November 8, 2012  Politics
Nov 082012
Dealing With The Post-Election Blues

The election loss hurt, yes? Many of you poured your heart and soul into it. Dedicating that much time and emotional commitment into something without getting a payoff is painful. I know of a conservative writer that was so emotionally devastated that she announced yesterday she is unplugging her keyboard and walking away. And just this morning, I received an email from a conservative blogger …READ MORE

Nov 072012
Treasury Says Debt Ceiling Hit Before Year End

During his campaign, Mitt Romney made a point of stating that if elected president, he would go to work the very next day. Now that the election is over the question changes to will Barack Obama — the golfer and campaigner-in-chief extraordinaire — do the same? He had better. Last week, ignored by the propaganda press, the Treasury issued the November 2012 Quarterly Refunding Statement. …READ MORE

Critical Reminders Before You Vote

 Posted by on November 4, 2012  Politics
Nov 042012
Critical Reminders Before You Vote

In a society that offers a 24/7/365 news cycle, four years is a long time. Indeed, for most of us, the four years of Obama’s first term have been an eternity. Before Tuesday’s epic election, all citizens should take some time and consider carefully the vote they will cast. With that in mind, and in hopes of sparking your memory, let’s take a quick trip …READ MORE