Jun 262012
Is War Next? Syrian Army Blows Turkish Jet Out Of The Sky

Increasing tensions between Turkey and Syria may have spun out of control Friday after Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan announced his country was able to confirm that Syria shot down a Turkish F-4 jet. The crew of two is missing and both Turkish and Syrian forces are conducting searches. Syria claims the warplane was flying low and well within its territorial waters. Prior to the uprising …READ MORE

Mar 212012
Syria Action Impeachable Offense, Maybe

Finally, someone in Congress is being proactive regarding the supreme ruler’s behavior. By introducing a resolution declaring that should the supreme ruler use offensive military action in Syria without authorization from Congress, such an act would be viewed as “an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor,” Rep. Walter Jones, Jr. (R-NC) is attempting to drawn the line in the sand with respects to the unconstitutional behavior …READ MORE