Sep 242012
Obama's Foreign Policy At Heart Of Recent Problems

Not too long after Navy Seals filled Osama bin Laden with lead, Pakistan identified, captured and tossed a key U.S. intelligence source into the slammer for some 30 years. Outraged that an intelligence source to America was outed and being mistreated, the Republican party, select Democrats and most of the U. S. citizenry made it known the government should do something. The Obama administration, perhaps …READ MORE

Jul 232012
Rand Paul Draws A Line In The Sand

Senator Rand Paul says that if Pakistan doesn’t release Dr. Shakil Afridi from jail, the US won’t release cash to Pakistan. Clearly frustrated, Paul took to the airwaves late last week stating he wants Dr. Afridi free, not jailed, for assistance he provided during America’s hunt for Osama bin Laden. Polls have shown the American public is behind Paul on the issue. So are many …READ MORE

May 252012
Is It Time To Kiss And Make Up?

Pakistan and US relations have been strained for sometime now. But this is more than a ‘we agree to disagree’ situation between friends. In case you want to keep track of the international soap opera it all started with America filling Osama bin Laden with lead. This ruffled the feathers of Pakistan. It’s understandable. We flew into their borders under cover of night – unauthorized, …READ MORE