Oct 172012
Did Obama Call Benghazi Attack An Act Of Terror?

During the presidential debate last night there was a flare up between the two candidates. President Obama asserted that he called the attack on the consulate in Libya a terrorist attack the day after the event. Mitt Romney asserted he did not. The verbal dispute escalated quickly when debate moderator, Candy Crowley, felt it necessary to assume the role of fact-checker and stated Romney was …READ MORE

Oct 152012
Hillary Clinton Is Key To Unlocking Libya Scandal

If you listen to the talking heads, the prevailing wisdom regarding the Libya attack is that the Obama administration is showing itself to be incompetent. If true, of course, that could hurt Obama’s re-election chances. As a result, opponents of the administration are far too eager to try to exploit this opening. Unfortunately, these boob-tube babblers — there’s a reason television is called that — …READ MORE

Sep 272012
Obama Mislead Citizens About Libya Terror Attack

It’s official. The Obama administration knew within 24 hours of the Libya consulate attack that it was an organized act of terror. It turns out, not to the surprise of many of us, that the government intentionally issued the cover story of a “spontaneous attack” to fool the citizens. Or was it to deflect blame? Or hide incompetence? Whatever the reason, the “blame-the-video” narrative has …READ MORE

Sep 242012
Obama's Foreign Policy At Heart Of Recent Problems

Not too long after Navy Seals filled Osama bin Laden with lead, Pakistan identified, captured and tossed a key U.S. intelligence source into the slammer for some 30 years. Outraged that an intelligence source to America was outed and being mistreated, the Republican party, select Democrats and most of the U. S. citizenry made it known the government should do something. The Obama administration, perhaps …READ MORE