Aug 092012
Tax-cheat Timmy And The Pension Scandal

With the release of damaging internal emails, suddenly there’s a new scandal developing in Washington. At the heart of the matter is the Delphi employee pension plans affected by the General Motors bailout. Delphi is an auto parts manufacturing company. It’s a breaking scandal and the information is somewhat patchwork at this point but apparently, as part of the GM bailout deal, the government allowed …READ MORE

May 142012
Union Money Laundering Sends Your Taxes To 'Occupy' Movement

The ‘Occupy’ movement hit the streets of America’s cities last year. Endorsed by Democrats and Hollywood celebrities, the Occupy protests were defined by the media as a series of spontaneous gatherings, the left’s version of the tea party, protesting capitalism, corporate greed and what has turned out to be a miss-mash of talking points taken directly from the Democratic playbook. However, from the very start, …READ MORE

Apr 192012
Tea Party Is Right To Confront Government Unions, Part 2

A long time ago, in an America quite different from today’s, there were few protections for the worker. Unsanitary and dangerous work environments and exploitative practices created the need for labor unions to rescue the American worker. But their time has passed. Labor laws and watch-dog groups now protect workers. Unions are heroes no more.  As a result, private sector unions are on the decline …READ MORE

Apr 112012
Tea Party Is Right To Confront Government Unions, Part 1

When one man points a gun at another man and demands of the man he turn over all his money, what have you got? Armed robbery? Very good. When an accountant at a company cooks the books and skims off the top, what have you got? Embezzlement? Excellent. Last one, when an officer of an organization approaches someone within that organization and demands money under …READ MORE