Is Your State Going To Recover?

 Posted by on June 14, 2012  Taxes
Jun 142012
Is Your State Going To Recover?

Did you know that as an individual taxpayer, you owe the federal government over $138,000? Consult the U.S. Debt Clock and you’ll see that every day that number increases. Some citizens are comfortable with this. Others citizens are very uncomfortable with it. Where do you stand? Since 2009, the Democratic party has made it clear where they stand. Promoting a liberal-socialist philosophy, they have consistently …READ MORE

May 152012
California's $16 Billion Nightmare

California’s top dog, Jerry Brown, announced late last week that his state faces a $16 billion deficit. That’s up from a $9 billion deficit announcement a few months ago. Oops. Apparently one of California’s bean-counters was educated in our public schools. What’s at the heart of the deficiency? Unfunded obligations — that’s PC for government union negotiated benefits. In February, reported that “the average …READ MORE

The “Buffett Rule” Is Rejected

 Posted by on April 17, 2012  Taxes
Apr 172012
The "Buffett Rule" Is Rejected

The “Buffett Rule”, a tax hike defeated in the Senate yesterday, is the result of Democrats proclaiming it is unfair that the rich pay less taxes than us working stiffs. This claim isn’t necessarily true of course, as it depends strictly on an analysis of the individuals involved. But it makes for a great sound-bite. So too, having the vote timed with our tax deadline. …READ MORE