Sep 062012
Democrats Amend Godless Platform Amid Party Chaos

Well, it took a day in hell for Democrats to realize they produced a major public relations blunder — they upset a lot of people and jeopardized many votes — when they removed the word “god” and failed to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel within their party platform. But at about 5PM yesterday, they held a successful vote to get the party platform …READ MORE

Democrats And Their Godless America

 Posted by on September 5, 2012  Religion
Sep 052012
Democrats And Their Godless America

Democrats have removed the word “god” from their political  platform. Are Democrats a godless party? Some folks have claimed that for years. Others can argue the evidence that they are, or that they want to be, is accumulating rapidly. One of the fundamental problems with liberalism, the driving force of the Democrats, is that it endlessly classifies people into smaller groups. They view Americans not …READ MORE

Mar 172012
Principal Suspends Patrick From School

Does Lisa Curtin actually believe by re-naming a 1,000 year old holiday she enriches children’s lives? Or is she just another lost lefty-activist rotting the minds of America’s youth? She is in Massachusetts, so… Perhaps the fine citizenry of Taxachusetts is beginning to realize how silly they often look to the rest of the country and will help put an end to this in November. A Massachusetts school …READ MORE

Obama’s Misstep

 Posted by on February 27, 2012  Religion
Feb 272012
Obama's Misstep

Obama’s misstep in his battle with the Catholic church may be something he regrets as we progress toward the election. And I’m not talking about him losing some of the catholic vote because he is perceived to be picking on Catholics. What this issue has done is exposed Obama-care for what it is: a bad idea, bad policy and bad politics. This tactical error gives …READ MORE