Aug 102012
Where Obama Ranks For Jobs With Other Presidents

Our beloved supreme ruler is jumping from swing state to swing state on his America’s Recovering Elect Me Tour beating his chest as he proclaims the private sector has added more than 4.5 million jobs over the last 30 months. Let’s hear it for the supreme job creator… Hip, hip, no way! Huh? As usual he’s only telling part of the story. He mentions the …READ MORE

Jul 132012
Obama Will Grant Welfare Requirement Waivers

There is a need for clarification. Yes, the Department and Health and Human Services (HSS) announced the agency will issue waivers for the federal work requirement of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program. But no, individuals can’t apply for a waiver from the work requirements. It is for the states. The HHS announcement enables a state to apply for a waiver from enforcing …READ MORE

Jun 132012
Regulation Nation Is An Obamination

Idaho, tired of waiting for the failed economic policies of liberalism, has hung a new set of signs on their state borders — Make Your Guns Here. Long a gun-friendly state, Idaho is using that advantage to entice gun manufacturers from across the country to set up shop and most importantly, get Idaho’s citizens working again. Some 58 companies currently make arms or ammunition in …READ MORE

Jun 112012
Obama Discovers Parallel Universe

Obama announced Friday the private sector in America is doing fine. Really, in what universe? Come on, does he take us for fools? I don’t know about Pennsylvania Avenue, but I still see abandoned homes in my neighborhood. I still see vacant retail space littered up and down my town’s main street. The private sector is fine? Barack, my man, we just had a jobs …READ MORE