May 302012
Planned Parenthood Puts Skin In The Game

The problem with federally funded organizations is that they’re federally funded. As such, over time, they tend to evolve into political extensions of the party that funds them. It’s a simple game really. A political party funds an organization. The organization spends that funding on practices, pursuits and politicians that back that political party. When the politicians vote to fund the organization again, the cycle …READ MORE

Fluke the Fake

 Posted by on March 9, 2012  Birth Control / Abortion
Mar 092012
Fluke the Fake

I’m disappointed at the Rush Limbaugh comments from a few days back regarding Sandra Fluke. I don’t know where you fall, but I expect a professional with Limbaugh’s experience to know how and when to make a point and when to shut his trap. Because Rush failed to control himself his vocabulary is now the topic of discussion, rather than his point. Gaining a step …READ MORE

Feb 202012
Sweet Peg, Radicals And Black Genocide

I’d like to tell you a short story. It includes radicals, arrests, fugitives, political intrigue, and bizarre social outlooks. Sound good? Our tale revolves around a woman by the name of Margaret. She was born in New York, in September of 1879, the sixth of 11 children. As you would expect, Margaret spent much of her youth helping around the house and caring for her …READ MORE