Nov 022012
2012 GOP Platform: Second Amendment

As demonstrated by the Trayvon Martin circus a few months back, the Left absolutely hates “Stand Your Ground” and all its spin-off legislation. Because of their sick and twisted view that birth control is a right but self-defense is not, look for the Left to continue to demonize self-defense when they perceive an opportunity. As for the platform, there are some nice concepts communicated within …READ MORE

Aug 282012
The Left's New Gun-Control Strategy

Democrats have adopted a new strategy in their relentless pursuit of gun-control. Knowing national legislation is currently a losing proposition and also witnessing the NRA consistently beating back state level legislation, these power-hungry political hacks are trying to achieve gun-control at the local level. Yes, crusaders, it is the county, city and town ordinances that are the new rave. Sure, you can own a gun, …READ MORE

Jun 272012
Obama, Holder, Demand Letter #3 And Two Dead Americans

Was Fast and Furious a gun control political initiative? The operation was designed to take down top Mexican drug cartel members. To accomplish this, our government asked American gun shop owners to sell weapons to low-ranking gang members and/or other straw-purchasers. Once the transaction was completed all the ATF had to do was follow the guns and then bust the bad guys. At least, that’s …READ MORE

May 042012
Congress May Hold Top Cop In Contempt

Republican Rep. Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, has sent each member of his committee a complaint requesting that Attorney General Eric Holder, the country’s top cop, be held in contempt of Congress for failure to comply with a congressional subpoena. No official action has been called for but the complaint, at over 40-pages in length, demonstrates Issa has …READ MORE