A Doctor Summarizes Obamacare

 Posted by on September 20, 2012  Healthcare
Sep 202012
A Doctor Summarizes Obamacare

No doubt over the last few years you’ve heard a lot of interpretations of Obama-care. And you’ve heard reports about the expenses involved or the money to be saved. You’ve been exposed to the good, the bad, the ugly, the true and the false. It is an endless cycle of hype and spin. However, perhaps no one has discussed the madness we call Obama-care quite …READ MORE

Obama And EPA Strangle Another Company

 Posted by on September 19, 2012  Energy
Sep 192012
Obama And EPA Strangle Another Company

Coal company Alpha Natural Resources, announced yesterday it is closing eight mines starting immediately. Of the eight mines targeted for closure there are four in West Virginia, three in Virginia and one in Pennsylvania. Layoffs associated with the closures will be 1200 workers. The job casualties represent about 10% of the company’s workforce. Of the 1200, there will be an initial 400 workers sent packing …READ MORE

Aug 282012
The Left's New Gun-Control Strategy

Democrats have adopted a new strategy in their relentless pursuit of gun-control. Knowing national legislation is currently a losing proposition and also witnessing the NRA consistently beating back state level legislation, these power-hungry political hacks are trying to achieve gun-control at the local level. Yes, crusaders, it is the county, city and town ordinances that are the new rave. Sure, you can own a gun, …READ MORE

Aug 272012
Big Brother's Multi-Billion Dollar Disgrace

How much is “going green” costing the red, white and blue taxpayers? There’s probably not a soul on Earth that can answer that question with any fair degree of accuracy. We all know the Solyndra debacle will cost the taxpayers a bundle. Estimates range between $300- $500 million, depending on who you ask. Consider this, too. Deroy Murdock, in a piece at the National Review …READ MORE