Nov 092012
It's Official - The Carnage Has Begun

Oh my goodness. First the market fell hard the day after Obama’s re-election. And then the layoff announcements. One after another, after another, after another. It hasn’t even been three bloody days since the election. Democrats have always spun the tall tale that taxes and restrictive regulation don’t effect business — or employment. Unfortunately, the glazed-over fools buy into the lie. How many people do …READ MORE

Nov 092012
Boeing's Defense Division Kills 30% Of Management Jobs

On Wednesday, Boeing announced it will cut 30% of its management workforce from its defense division seeking to return to 2010 levels. The company is the nation’s 2nd largest defense-supplier. It declined to comment on the actual number of jobs this trim down represents. But you can bet the number is large. Boeing claimed the cuts were not due to massive defense cuts looming on …READ MORE

Nov 092012
And The Post-Election Layoffs Begin

Elections have consequences. Based on Tuesday’s vote, apparently much of the Left doesn’t understand this simple concept. Unfortunately, the school of hard knocks will teach them and many other Americans this principle the hard way. And here’s another lesson: taxes, stifling regulation and Obama-care will force business to layoff workers. Sure enough, on Wednesday, a Las Vegas business owner with 114 employees issued 22 pink …READ MORE

Oct 082012
Are New Job Numbers Fact Or Fiction?

So the Labor Department has announced unemployment went down from 8.1% to 7.8% in its latest jobs report. But the Obama administration did much more than that. They also decided to revise job numbers back through July. Now that’s initiative. Finally, this administration has shown the kind of motivation we expect from government — especially one that may soon find itself unemployed. The question is, …READ MORE