Aug 292012
MSNBC's Republican Convention Coverage Perpetuates The Myth

Need an example of the left-controlled media helping to write the national political narrative that the Republican party lacks diversity? Here’s one from the Republican National Convention. As the Daily Caller points out, during their coverage of the convention, MSNBC decided to skip speeches from: Artur Davis — a 44-year-old black male that changed his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican in 2012. Davis served …READ MORE

Chum Bucket: NBC News

 Posted by on April 4, 2012  Propaganda Press
Apr 042012
Chum Bucket: NBC News

Well, finally we seem to be getting some real news, not race-biased speculation, regarding the Trayvon Martin case. I recall a few days back somehow (radio, television or web) getting wind that NBC had doctored the 911 call. I remember thinking it’s just another example of how the left and media consistently try to play a rigged game. I had already noticed that the first …READ MORE

Mar 032012
Chum Bucket: Arianna Huffington

Accused plagiarist and confirmed political turncoat, Arianna Huffington, publisher of The Huffington Post continued her crusade to establish liberal-biased, double-standard publishing as the nation’s norm. By electing to run Larry Doyle’s article “The Jesus-Eating Cult of Rick Santorum“, Huffington shows her true colors yet again, as she single-highhandedly attempts to stomp out traditional religious beliefs in America through her sanctioning of bigoted, religious ridicule. Don’t …READ MORE