Nov 152012
Are 68 Regulations Per Day Too Much, Too Little or Just Right?

It takes a lot of people to run a behemoth like the Federal government. And all those people have to have something to do. So they sit around day after day and make up regulations. And just to make sure you, the taxpayer, know they are doing their job, they post all their rules and regulations on a website. And as you might guess, they …READ MORE

Nov 132012
The Secrets Behind The Patriot Act

Do you think the Patriot Act is good for America? Do you consider it a noble and true — a red, white and blue — set of laws that keeps America safe? Or have you, like many Americans, come to realize the Patriot Act is a tool used by a lawless government against its people. Perhaps you’re not sure, either way. Here are some fun …READ MORE

Nov 122012
Obama Orders Institutionalized Private Sector Spying

As is his habit to avoid public outcry during the work week news cycle, on Friday, October 26, the supreme ruler signed another executive order giving Big Brother more authority to stick his nose into your life. The Homeland Security Partnership Council will allow the Department of Homeland Security to infuse itself into local government and private enterprises thus creating a spy network that will …READ MORE

Oct 292012
America's Petrodollar Crisis

Did you know an organized rebellion against the dollar is underway? It’s true. Investors are walking away from US bonds. They used to pour money into America but there’s growing fear America cannot honor its obligations. So can you blame them? If you think the world is populated with fools you are wrong. Those outside America know our credit rating was down-graded. They see America …READ MORE