Jul 312012
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The Obama re-election campaign team is in trouble, as demonstrated by the announcement that it has invited political frienemy, Bill Clinton, to be a keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention. Mouthpieces for the party immediately hit the airwaves praising the move, as though Obama’s re-election has now been assured.

Clearly, if anyone can save Obama, and that looks to be a more and more far fetched idea as the weeks tick by, it would be one of America’s senior statesman, Slick Willy. He’s clearly the most infamous Democrat in America. But is Fast Willy really capable of converting disillusioned Democrats and unsatisfied independents into a voting force and turning Obama’s campaign around?

Newt Gingrich doesn’t think so.

Talking to the press Monday, Gingrich said Clinton’s appearance will remind voters of just how liberal Obama really is as they think back to the Clinton presidency during the 1990′s.

He’ll remind them of a lot more than that.

Clinton was impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice. Clinton was a draft dodger. He was a burn-out wanna-be, remember? He experimented with the bud he said, but he didn’t inhale.

This is the guy that is supposed to help the business-hating Obama? A former president remembered more for his obsession with giving dictation in the Oral Office, pardon me — Oval Office, than for his policies.

Granted, he is a good speaker. But sweet whispers of naughtiness into the ear of a doe-eyed intern sitting on the lap of power is one thing. Persuading a frustrated and angry national electorate that the food-stamp president is worthy of another four long-ones is something completely different. And let’s not forget, the scandalous blow Clinton got from Lewinsky was bad — if it can really be called that — but there might have been more salacious sexcapades. Often forgotten when reminiscing about Willy and the Johnson exploits is that in August 1997, a flush-faced, lipstick-smeared Kathleen Willey, was seen coming out of Oral Office. Willey later alleged that the happy horn-dog groped her.

This is the guy that’s going to give a speech that will save Obama?

Can you see Clinton back-stage awaiting his turn at the mic? He’s relaxed, has his feet up and is sipping a subpoena Colada. His only care now is knowing when, after his speech, the real party starts?

Obama’s boys must be really hard up thinking their campaign will be saved by a guy that left as big a stain on the presidency as he did on Lewinsky.


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  1. Wow!!! That’s all I can say!

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