Jul 062012

So here we are a couple of weeks after the supreme ruler proclaimed that some 1 million illegal immigrants will not be deported if they’ve been good boys and girls. “Let’s be clear,” Obama said, “this is not amnesty, this is not immunity, this is not a path to citizenship, this is not a permanent fix.”

Okay, then what the hell is it? They can’t vote, so the Campaigner-in-Chief didn’t just guarantee himself a million votes. True, if they have the courage to come out of the shadows, they can apply for work permits. Of course, there’s no jobs, so there’s little benefit there. So, it seems that this illegal declaration by the supreme ruler was strictly a political move. It certainly put a gleam in the eyes of those on the Left. And after his announcement, Obama caught a bounce in the polls from the Hispanic community. Why is unclear. It’s obviously a hollow gesture. Oh, it looks like a nice present with neatly folded paper and a pretty ribbon. But as a gift, an empty box doesn’t really satisfy expectations. Hopefully the Hispanic community comes to realize they need to wary of Democrats bearing gifts.

From the time of Republican President Abraham Lincoln up until the 1930′s, about six decades, blacks voted for Republicans. It’s understandable, Honest Abe and the Republicans set the blacks free and back then the South was polluted with white supremacist Democrats. But in the mid-1930′s the black community changed their allegiance. That was when Democrats came knocking with gifts in hand.

Blacks heavily supported Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt. It just so happens that FDR instituted the nations first entitlements during the mid-1930′s. Did entitlement programs attract black support for Democrats? That juicy debate is still occurring among historians. What is clear however, is that since the mid-1930′s, Democrats have paraded around proclaiming their dedication to improving the lives of the poor. They’re the party of the people, don’t you know. Existing entitlements have been expanded and new ones conceived so Democrats can toss checks like confetti. Blacks accepted these gifts with enthusiasm and have overwhelmingly supported Democrats since then. During his two presidential terms, Bill Clinton received 83% of the black vote in 1992 and 84% in 1996. Jimmy Carter received 94% and most recently Barack Obama gathered 96% of the black vote.

But has the Democratic party really helped the black community?

We know the black community suffers horribly from homicides. There are over 3,000 black killing black homicides a year and blacks commit about 73% of all interracial homicides (see Who Is Killing Who, for more information).

According to Education Week and the Schott Foundation, the high school drop out rate for blacks is 46%. As a comparison, whites drop out at a 23% clip.

In 2010, the Huffington Post, ran an article within their Black Voice section that stated government statistics showed 72% of babies are born to unwed mothers in the black community. That is a horrifying number.

As of 2010 the U.S. population is 223,553,256 (72.4%) whites, with 50,477,594 (16.3%) Hispanic/Latinos and 38,929,319 (12.6%) blacks. According to government statistics, there were 44,708,726 people on food stamps in fiscal year 2011. That’s a 12.8 million increase from 2009 — in case you think Obama is doing a good job. (continued)

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