Sep 302013

First, I want to apologize for any typos within this post. I just finished loading every magazine for every gun that we own.

Because my SHTF clan is a little larger than the Brady bunch and because I believe in redundancy, this was no small task. My fingers are killing me.

And because I’m a 2nd Amendment guy, because I know US Inc. is a criminal organization, because I know the stooges within Central Planning will never stop trying to disarm Americans, almost all my mags are high capacity.

It was considerable work. No doubt, an auto-loader is my next purchase.

And why, exactly, did I feel the sudden need to load hundreds of rounds of ammo at one sitting? Well, that is what this post is going to address.

You may have missed it but last week the US Hate Department issued a “terror alert“.

Also last week, folks from Baltimore and DC were treated to a Navy blimp slowly drifting its way across the sky. Some folks reported seeing multiple blimps and several helicopters as well.

It turns out, according to the propaganda press, the Navy is mapping the greater Washington, DC area. (LINK)

But anyone can currently drive in the state of Maryland or the cities of Baltimore and DC—going left and right, north, south, east or west— with the GPS service in any phone. What is left to map? Surely it can’t be roads.

Waterways? Alleyways? Sidewalks?

I can only speak for myself, but given the current lawlessness of US Inc., I would not be surprised to discover there was an alternative reason for the mapping. I’m thinking—maybe—the mapping and snapping of photos is to support ways to effectively close off and lock-down the area in the near future? You know, like they did in Boston.

Whoa—nothing like introducing a little fear porn and unfounded paranoia to the post, eh?


But what if I told you—and I am—that there has been a FEMA Region III (Pennsylvania, Washington, DC,  Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia) alert.


What if I told you—and I am—that Central Planning directed FEMA to order over 14 millions MREs delivered to Region 3 by October 1st. And FEMA also placed orders for over 2 million water pouches to be delivered to Region 3 by October 1st.

Now we have a criminal government that runs false-flag ops against Americans, a terror alert, blimps overhead and millions of units of FEMA food and water purchases.

Is that enough to convince you something may be developing?

Of course, there is more, if you have the personal courage to go there. If not, now is the time to grab your chips and go back to your couch.

Let’s see. . .retired Sen. Shaeldon R. Songstad circulated the hush-hush news that:

  • 2800 shiny new MRAP vehicles are to be delivered to DHS by October 1st
  • All DHS agents must qualify with side-arm, shotgun and AR-15s by September 28th
  • No leave for US military personnel between September 28th and November 5th
  • Sporadic testing of GPS and communication satellites coordinated for the first time ever, testing date September 29th
  • All National Guard units to complete riot control and disaster assistance training to be concluded by September 30th
  • Daily testing of Emergency Broadcast System to be conducted September 25th through October 2nd
  • Eastern-based Coast Guard unit’s massive group 10-day training moved from the gulf to Delaware and Virginia area begins September 26th
  • A 9-week training course for 380,000+ UN troops to learn urban warfare, English and U.S. weapons systems, (starting back in late July) is to be completed by October 1st

To summarize then— we had a terror alert issued last week by a government that runs false-flag terror ops against its own people. This alert triggers god-knows what kind of internal activity within Central Planning.

We have Navy blimps snapping photos of the greater DC area. FEMA ordered millions of units of food and water for Region 3. We have DHS receiving 2800 new vehicles and DHS personnel recently handling their guns as part of weapons qualification requirements. Leave for military personnel has been temporarily cancelled.

There is the testing of GPS and communications satellites and the Emergency Broadcast System.

We have the Coast Guard, rather than training in the gulf, now in the waters in Region 3. We have the National Guard disaster and riot control training. And we have 380,000+ UN troops completing their training in urban warfare, US weapons systems and basic English—Halt! Hands up! On your knees!

And all of these things have deadlines of now—the end of September and into early October.

I’m sorry, crusaders, but for me, that is way too much Central Planning activity focused in one area. My comfort level has been violated. My hair is standing, my eyes are darting and my sphincter scale is at a pucker rating of 10.

I say, load ‘em if you got ‘em.


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